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About the artist
Per Svanström
Per Svanström is a self-taught pencil artist from Skövde, Sweden, currently living in Stockholm. With over a decade of experience creating artworks his highly-realistic pencil portraits has become his signature style.
Per is somewhat a hobbyist when it comes to his artwork in the sense that it is not his only way of making a living. However, between his day job and other daily routines he gives himself time to keep working on his drawing techniques and exploring new ways of creating art.

In the summer of 2016 Per started selling Art Prints of some of his drawings. He has his own web shop SvanstromPrints and you can also find his work on sites such as  NordicDesignCollective  and Prints.se .

The result of Per’s artwork from the last 15 years can be found on this website. Per is also very active on social media where he shows his audience how he creates his art. Follow him on Instagram or Facebook to find out more.

Some of the pieces included in Per’s gallery are for sale. If you fancy any drawing, please send him an email and he will respond with details shortly. If you would like to commission him for a portrait please go to the Commission page.


Nordic Design Collective - 8 November 2016

In early winter of 2016 Per was interviewed by Nordic Design Collective. His story was published on their blog and magazine. 
Nordic Design Collective is a webshop and marketplace passionate about supporting independent designers from the Nordic region.

"His photography-like creations are all drawn by pencil and the result of pure talent and a lifelong passion for portraits"
Read Per's story here

Damernas värld Starwoman - 6 November 2016

Two of Per's posters, Sir Weiler and I dreamt I was in London was published by Bonnier Tidskrifter AB in Anna Åberg's a.k.a. Starwoman's blog at Damernas Värld.

Damernas Värld is Sweden's leading magazine of fashion and design and Starwoman is one of Sweden's biggest bloggers.
Read the article here  (in Swedish)

Leva & Bo - 5 November 2016

In early November 2016, AB Kvällstidningen Expressen published Per's art print Sir Weiler in the 5 November 2016 edition of  the Leva & Bo magazine. Sir Weiler was included on the cover of the magazine as well as multiple images in an Winter Room article, designed and written by Frida Svahn.
Leva & Bo is Sweden's leading magazine of interior design. 
To Purchase or Preview the magazine or the web based site please click here

Art Monthly - Dec-Jan 2015-16

Amazing Pencil Portraits II

In 2010 once again Platte Productions Publishing (APEX, North Carolina, U.S.A.) chose to publish Per's work in their second edition of the "Amazing Pencil Portraits" book. This time two of his portraits, Wiktoria and Sleepyheads, was included in the book.

This book shows many portraits, made with graphite pencils, charcoal or colored pencils by artists from all over the world!
To Purchase or Preview the book please click  here

Amazing Pencil Portraits

In 2008 one of Per's portraits, Brother was chosen by Platte Productions Publishing (APEX, North Carolina, U.S.A.) to be included in the first edition of the "Amazing Pencil Portraits" book.

This book shows many portraits, made with graphite pencils, charcoal or colored pencils by artists from all over the world.
To Purchase or Preview the book please click  here