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How to order a drawing from Per
  1. 1. Send your order
    Email Per your order including photo reference and size. Pay the down payment
  2. 2. Work in Progress
    Per starts working on the drawing and sends you updates of the work in progress
  3. 3. Final product
    Per sends you a picture of the final product. If you like it, pay the final amount and the drawing will be sent to you

Do you want to order a drawing for me?

If you are interested in having me draw something for you send me an email at [email protected] with a reference picture and preferred drawing size. Make sure the picture is of a decent size and quality (remember I can only draw what I see so if the quality of the picture is low, the detail in the drawing will be low). Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions on what media and size to order.

I have done plenty of commissions in the past, read below under Testimonials some of the comments I have received from my customers!
I require a 50% down payment before I will start any work. When that is received, I will start working on your order. Throughout the process I will send you photos of the progress just to show you where I'm at.
When the work is finished I will send you an email with the finished artwork. If you are satisfied with it I will make preparations to send the drawing. At this point the remaining 50% will be paid.
Usually a drawing takes me about two weeks to finish (depends on size and medium). Please keep in mind that I do receive other orders aslo so if you would like the drawing by a certain date, please include that in your order.
1 Subject
2 Subjects
15x21 cm (A5)
21x30 cm (A4)
30x42 cm (A3)
42x60 cm (A2)
Larger size
3 Subjects
1 200kr
2 500kr
4 000kr
6 500kr
  1. Price
    1 subject
  2. Price
    2 subjects
  3. Price
    3 subjects
  4. Size
  1. 1200 kr
  2. 1400 kr
  3. 2500 kr
  4. 2900 kr
  5. 4800 kr
  6. 4000 kr
  7. 6500 kr
  8. 7200 kr
  9. Contact
  10. Larger size
  11. 1500 kr
  12. 3200 kr
  13. 4400 kr
  14. 7800 kr
  15. Contact
  16. A5
  17. Contact
  18. A4
  19. A3
  20. A2
​​*Prices are in Swedish Krona (SEK).
*customer pays shipping and handling charges
*prices may differ for custom designed drawings (for sample see 'Mr Basset')
When you order a drawing from me you are purchasing a very fine, highly detailed piece of artwork. All of my drawings are done on Canson Illustration pad. This pad is acid free which means it will not fade or turn yellow in time. For added protection I also spray all of my drawings with UV absorbation fixative. 
You can make your payment with PayPal to [email protected]  If you have a Swedish or UK bank account you can also chose to pay with Direct Debit. In either way, please include your prefered payment type in your order. 

Many thanks

Gift Certificate New!

As of December 2018, Svanström now offers a gift certificate which can be used to order a professional portrait. You can purchase the gift card in his shop. Click below to purchase one!
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David, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA

"I received the drawing I commissioned and it looks fantastic.

I appreciate very much your quick responses to my emails. But more importantly, your artistic talent and ability to realistically capture my model's likeness is outstanding. You have a gift.
Also, I very much enjoyed the WIP updates and demonstration video. Many of our friends saw your work on Facebook and were quite impressed. 
I am eagerly recommending your services. Thank you so much for accepting my commission."

Anne, Norrfjärden Sweden

 "Nu har porträttet kommit och jag är supernöjd. Du har gjort ett sånt fantastiskt bra jobb. Tack än en gång för att du har gjort detta underbara porträttet av mitt älskade barnbarn"

"I've received the portrait now and I'm super happy with it. You have done such an amazing job. Thank you once again for making this wonderful portrait of my beloved grandchild."

Patrik, Vännäsby Sweden

"Teckningen blev superfin, du kan verkligen teckna. Jag har följt dig steg för steg och det var verkligen otrolig vad man kan göra med blyertspennor. Jag her sett många målningar genom åren, varvid jag personligen känner många av Sveriges bästa djur och naturmålare b.l.a Lennart sand, Bo Lundwall. Men en så bra tecknare som du är, slarvar i regel aldrig, utan vill att det skall bli ett bra resultat. Vilket det verkligen blev i detta fall , sedan att det råkade vara en unik bil gör ju inte saken sämre.

Jag tackar och bugar, jag skall verkligen rekommendera dig åt andra."

"The artwork is really beautiful, you can really draw. I have followed you step by step and it was really incredible  to see what you can do with pencils. I have seen many paintings over the years, I personally know several of the best wildlife and nature painters like Lennart Sand, Bo Lundwall. But such a good pencil artist as you are, generally never makes mistakes and want to get a good result, which it really was in this case. And also since you drew a unique car made it even better.

I thank you and bow, I will certainly recommend you to others."

Josefine, Linköping Sweden

 "Nu har min pojkvän fått portättet och han blev väldigt glad. Jag är vädigt nöjd, tycker att det blev väldigt bra :) Tack!"

"My boyfriend has received the portrait now and he is very happy with it. I am also very happy with it, I think it turned out really good :) Thank you!"

Lina, Sweden

"Är himla nöjd ska du veta!  Tack för en bra kontakt och fint arbete!"

"I am so happy with it! Thank you for great communication and beautiful work!"