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How to order a portrait

1. Send request through the Commissions form

Fill in the commissions form at the bottom of this page. If you have questions email me at per@svanstromART.comMake sure the picture is of a decent size and quality. The photo should be taken in front of the subject as in the picture above. Please also send me more than one photo. It makes it easier for me to understand how the subject looks in real life. 

When agreed on size and photos to use, pay the down payment of 50%.

2. Per starts drawing and shows you the progress

I can either send you photos via email or text. You may also follow the progress on Instagram or Facebook (unless you would like to keep it a secret)

I am very keen on making sure you as customer is happy along the way. If you by any chance feel that you are unsatisfied with the progress, please let me know!

3. Per completes the drawing and sends you a final picture

When the work is finished I will send you an email with a picture of the finished artwork. If you are satisfied with it I will make preparations to send the drawing. At this point the remaining 50% will be paid.


Usually a drawing takes me 4 to 6 weeks to finish (depending on size and medium). Please keep in mind that I do receive other orders also so if you would like the drawing by a certain date, please include that in your order.


Prices below refers to one graphite pencil drawing based on one reference photo with minor adjustments. The prices may differ for custom designed drawings, for exsample when combining two photos (+20%) or complete custom drawings such as 'Mr Basset' (+20% to 50%). Based on your uploaded reference and requirements I will come back with the total fee.

My prices are based on an hourly rate of approximately 350 kr per hour including taxes. For example an A3- sized portrait of one subject takes me 20-30 hours to complete.

 Size 1 subject  2 subjects 3 subjects
A5 (15x21 cm) 2 000 kr N/A N/A
A4 (21x30 cm) 4 000 kr 5 000 kr 6 000 kr
A3 (30x42 cm) 8 000 kr 10 000 kr 12 000 kr
A2 (42x60 cm) 16 000 kr 20 000 kr 24 000 kr
50x70 cm 20 000 kr 25 000 kr 30 000 kr
70x100 cm 40 000 kr 50 000 kr 60 000 kr
Larger size Contact Contact Contact
*prices are in Swedish Krona (SEK).
*prices are without frame
*customer pays shipping and handling charges (from 95 SEK)

Order a portrait in colour or charcoal?

I do commissions in colour and charcoal as well depending on the request. I am an expert in graphite however with colour and charcoal I am still learning. If you are interested in a non-graphite drawing, please state that in your order. 


You can make your payment with PayPal to per@svanstromART.com If you have a Swedish bank account you can also chose to pay with Direct Debit. In either way, please include your preferred payment type in your order. 

Submit your request

Please submit your request in the form below. Per will respond via email with a quote within 48 hours


Your artistic talent and ability to realistically capture my model's likeness is outstanding. You have a gift.

David, Broken Arrow, USA

It was really incredible to see what you can do with pencils. I thank you and bow, I will certainly recommend you to others!

Patrik, Vännäsby, Sweden

I am so happy with the drawing! Thank you for great communication and beautiful work!

Linda, Stockholm, Sweden

A thousands thanks, Per. You have done just as an amazing portrait as you did the last time. Wow!

Anne. Norrfjärden, Sweden